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Charles Road is the nom de guerre of David Blackwell – a singer/songwriter/producer from Washington, DC. With influences ranging from Delta Blues and Folk, to Soul, Rock, and Afrobeat  – Charles Road has an eclectic sound that is influenced by a wide variety of artists and genres.  He has been called a modern-day Curtis Mayfield and his lyrics reflect a genuine want for understanding, truth, and an unfettered hope for better things to come.


Charles Road is also the place where the soul of the music created is nurtured – a place where true love and appreciation for artistic expression resides.  It’s where friends and family come to share their creativity and to be inspired by their surroundings.  The goal of the project is to capture that love and inspiration in the music - born out of a desire to create meaningful sound and to express an honest sentiment.  It strives to take the listener on a journey through the soul of the universe and remind us, ultimately, that everything we could ever possibly want or need is already here.



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